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Nixie Is A Bracelet That Transforms Into A Quadcopter With Camera

Nixie – Bracelet that Transforms into a Quadcopter with Camera5

Welcome to Intel’s ‘Make it wearable’ challenge finalists from which we shall pick one specific finalist out for a very particular reason; selfies! Quadcopters are fun, right? You can fly them around and if there is a camera on-board then you can witness the live coverage from the ground using video goggles. However, we all know it can be quite frustrating to keep a quadcopter along with you to take selfies, so why not make it wearable? Team Nixie has created Nixie – a bracelet that can be transformed into a quadcopter!

What are the challenges that tiny quadcopters are facing? We will list a few; limited battery (since the overall size is small) and the fragility that they have makes it difficult to keep them in pocket or to use them for taking pictures or making videos. However, if Team Nixie goes in the direction it is headed in already, it will emerge victorious with a quadcopter that can be wrapped around the wrist like a band along with a software program enabling the user to have this band transform and fly out far to take pictures and then return back to the user’s wrist! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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