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New Version Of Bluetooth Is Coming This Year

In an era of unbeatable wireless networking, why should Bluetooth take any step back! Good news for all Bluetooth users, Bluetooth Special Interest Group, has proposed new frameworks that shall be operational from 2020, and mark my words, it’s the future coming near for all audio lovers!

What’s new in Core Bluetooth

Cracking up the suspense, it shall make smartphones connect audio streams via Bluetooth to multiple headphones or speakers. Not confining it here, you will be able to share your favorite songs to all music freaks around! So while you’re on the treadmill, you can have your hands-free play the same audio as that of the gym, just with the new Bluetooth framework. Oh, don’t rush to the fitness center for some self-care time, these trends are yet to be launched hopefully till the mid-2020s and some little amendments are to be brought in your devices to make them compatible with them.

Anyways, adding to your excitement, these specs will be most benefitting the companies that are inline to release the truly wireless ear-buds or speakers that make you vibrate with the notes.

Undoubtedly, the next decade shall be making history for unmatchable trends of wireless audio connectivity, all owing to technology’s gift to smartphones, ‘Bluetooth’.

Peeking into some boring stuff now, the majority of the handsets are sold with wired headsets. But who doesn’t crave a melodious tune with minimized noise? Hence making wireless devices purchase on-demand for a couple of years. Getting as an obstacle is the compatibility the smartphones offer for these devices. Well, not blaming them but even they didn’t know the technology getting so high within a blink of an eye. With the new updates coming, mobile companies are filling the gaps. Moreover, the Bluetooth designers are giving hints of some interesting things coming around for the architecture.

A major market of Bluetooth is covered by gaming enthusiasts, staying on the front line for each new updated version of the device. But they too, are expecting some real improvements. A more efficient codec has become the hour’s need. And what about the latency? What, Wait, this alien term is just for the time delay when a command is given for a process, and when it actually begins to execute. So, coming back again, higher quality and lesser latency are all that we’re looking forward to. Not ignoring the multi-channel feature sprinkling over the 2020 package.


You must start imagining your tailored announcements while waiting to get on board. So, hold on to your belts a little more, as the transitions are all in line and a new generation of Bluetooth is all set to release, albeit being a little heavy on your pocket.

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