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New Treadmill Plays Music According To The User’s Pace

A lot of people prefer listening to music while working out or using a treadmill. The music somehow motivates you to put in more effort and to workout longer. Come on, who doesn’t get pumped up when the Rocky’s soundtrack is playing in a gym? However, making use of Running Music feature that is Android based, the Technogym’s Unity treadmill console has a different approach to this. The music selection varies depending upon the rhythm of user using the treadmill.

The process begins with the sensors on the treadmill determining the number of steps that a user is taking per minute. Running Music then makes use of this information to select songs from user’s personal music library with a similar beat and then play these songs back via the console’s sound system. If the user’s rhythm speeds up, faster songs are selected and if the user slows down; slower tunes are played!

Running Music is a component of Technogym’s Mywellness digital platform that is cloud based and is being shown off at CES.

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