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New Standing Seats In Airlines Will Help Cram More Passengers

(Source: 9Gag)

There might soon be a revolution in the economy class flying as new seats called The Skyrider 2.0 have been unveiled. These seats have been unveiled by an Italian seat manufacturer and these seats are so upright that the passengers will practically be standing up.

This formation of seats is known as ultra-high density in the industry. It is still unknown if any airlines will adopt these seats. But, if they do opt to go for these seats they will be able to fit in more passengers than ever before.

(Source: 9Gag)

In a statement: “The Skyrider 2.0 is an innovative seat. It allows an ultra-high density in the aircraft cabin. Skyrider 2.0 opens the traveling experience to a wider passenger market, creating also a useful space for the introduction of mixed classes boarded on the same aircraft.”

The manufacturer claims that this seating represents a new frontier of low-cost tickets and passenger experience. If these seats ever do become a reality, they will be getting a mixed reaction. There will be a lot of hate from customers that travel often and are used to somewhat more comfortable seats.

(Source: 9Gag)

On the other hand, this will drive the prices of flights much down and a lot of people who always wanted to fly but were never able to afford it will jump at the chance. It is all speculation for now and we don’t know if it will ever become a reality.

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