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New Holster Sensor Detects When A Weapon Is Drawn To Turn On Cop’s Bodycam

TASER police

The Law enforcement agencies have been getting their fair share of technological advances, but this new smart holster is different from anything ever seen before!

The company TASER had previously designed the incredible stun guns which are widely used by law enforcement officers. It has now introduced a new tool called the Axon Signal Sidearm. The tool aims to go a long way in helping the police laying down the law. The Axon Signal Sidearm is a small wireless sensor that can sense the removal of a weapon from a holster, and then triggers every camera installed in a 30-foot range to start recording.

Pic Credits: PRNewswire

While the idea is sincere, the proposition of using “The Axon Signal Sidearm Axon Signal Sidearm” does not come without its loopholes. The sensor will help improve the police’s transparency and efficiency, but starting recording only after the holster is opened means that the important footage of the events that led to the drawing of a gun will be missed, which is probably the main reason why the body cams were sanctioned in the first place. So until TASER can figure out how to record the main events, the “cameras always on” policy for the police is probably the best way to go!

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