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New Skateboard Allows You To Defy Gravity And Fly in Air

HUVr Board

We all were amazed when saw a skateboard that could defy gravity in the famous movie trilogy; ‘Back to the Future’ ! However, as is the case with most science fiction stuff, we probably thought that it’s only going to be something which we can watch in movies only. However, Science is here to make things go in our favour.
huvrToday’s article is about a hover board that is actually capable of defying gravity and can allow you to float. Although this is still a prototype, the board known as HUVr has quite some hopes pinned to it from its team as is apparent from their statement; ‘This is clearly a new frontier for science and we are excited and honoured to share this first chapter with the world.’

This gadget started off as a mere summer project at the MIT Physics Graduate Program back in 2010. However, it has managed to land itself a secure footing and launch itself into the next level by becoming one of the most adventurous and exciting gadgets to have come from MIT. (The last one being the high powered Lithium-ion batteries which were the brainchild of Yet-Ming Chiang and came out in 2001).  The HUVr comprises of experts from various fields that includes electricity, materials science and magnetism. The combination of these expertises has allowed the team to manage a breakthrough and to understand the concept of antigravity and to implement it as well.

The ultimate goal of the team is to come up with a gadget with enhanced efficiency, improved speed and better sustainability to cater for mass transportation. However, the team has used a smart move to fund the ongoing research and development by marketing the prototype and gathering investors who are willing to spend money on this brilliant idea.

Check out the video demonstration of this skateboard:

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