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New Range Rover Can Be Driven Using It’s Smartphone App

Everyday we are moving closer to a future where autonomous cars will become a reality. Until we get to that point, we will continue to be amazed by what different car companies are doing. For instance, Jaguar has demonstrated an amazing capability of allowing users to control Jaguar Land Rover using an app on smartphone.

Using this amazing app, the user will be able to get out of the car and stand beside it while driving it using any smartphone. This would come in really handy when it comes to driving the huge car in and out of parking spots that are tight. User will also be able to tackle rough terrains while keeping an eye on what’s going on. In simplest words; it allows the user to become their own spotter.

The prototype smartphone app allows the user to start the car and control brakes, steering and throttle while also imparting control of gearshifts. In this remote pilot mode, the car will reach a maximum speed of 6km/hr. The car will stop if the smartphone or the car key get more than 33ft away from the vehicle itself. We are not sure about if the car’s collision avoidance sensors would kick in or not when in this mode.

Another prototype that has been revealed will be able to carry out 180-degree multi-point turn if the user is in a narrow street where making a proper U-turn isn’t possible. The car makes use of its ultrasonic sensors for searching hazards in the environment and then autonomously performs an about-turn in as many steps as required.

Check out this video for more details: