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New Pressurized Bike Frame Can Inflate Tires

novel air filling frame lets you take your bike anywhere without worrying for flat tires

Portable bicycle tire inflating devices are of great use, but using them consumes a lot of energy. Other ways to fix the air pressure in the tire is by CO2 cartridges, but they also have a downside and can only be used once.

For a perfect solution to fill air into a flat bicycle tire, we present you with Aluminium Choka, which is all about convenience and ease. In other words, it functions just as a compressed air tank. Aluminum Choka is designed in the French Pyrenees region and features an airtight tube at its bottom along with a Schrader.

It could be filled with up to 175 psi air using a floor pump; the air gets in the Aluminum Choka through a valve. There is a passage that lets out the excess air in case if it gets overinflated.

It is super easy and convenient as everything is installed on the bike and the cyclist doesn’t have to carry an external portable air filling device. Suppose the tire needs inflating at any given point while away from the home or a nearby air filling facility, plug in the hose from the bike’s frame to that of the valve on the tire that needs inflating. You’d be good to go! There is even a dial that lets the user control the air pressure for the optimum level of inflation.

This air pressure control feature makes it good enough to top up some air, or it could be used for a big rush of air to inflate a whole tubeless mountain bike tire from zero to the optimum level of required air pressure.

A single Aluminum Choka frame filled with air can inflate three 27.5*2.80 tires up to 22 psi. Plans are that Choka will be available in two models – the AGHATA, which denotes aggressive hardtail which they also term as enduro all-mountain frame, and the Raw gravel frame that is called Gravaël. The first one is compatible with 29- or 27.5-inch wheels, or a combination of both, while the Raw Gravel is compatible with 650B or 700C wheels.

The Choka is in line with a Kickstarter campaign. Once it gets into production, the expected price for you to get hold of yours would be US$1,163. The whole package will be inclusive of the air system, bottom bracket, and a headset.

If you are interested in inflating solutions, you might like the idea of adding a home pumped reusable compressed air chamber to an ordinary bike frame. For this, have a look at the frame-mounted RideAir.