New Nike Fit App Will Help You Find The Right Shoe Size

It is almost always a gamble when you are buying shoes online, right? The business sure is risky since you can never be sure if the shoes will fit once they arrive at your doorstep. This deters a lot of potential buyers from making a purchase online, and Nike has decided to address the issue. It has introduced an app-based artificially intelligent Nike Fit system.

Nike already has an app that can be used by customers for checking out various shoes online and even making purchases. However, with the Nike Fit feature, things get a bit more interesting when you are choosing the size for your favorite pair of sneakers. Once you get to the point where you have to select the size, users will soon be able to make use of the option of Nike Fit.

Once you opt for the Nike Fit, you will have to stand against a wall wearing socks on your feet. You will then point your phone’s camera down at your feet and make use of the onscreen guide for ensuring that your phone is horizontally levelled. The app then makes use of the camera for carrying out visual identification and scanning of both feet while collecting 13 data points on each foot within seconds.

This collected data will then undergo processing while employing the use of AI algorithms. The processing will ascertain the shoe size that will prove to be the perfect fit for the user. The size might be different for different shoe models however the app will retain the scan data of the user to save them from carrying out the scan of their foot every time they wish to buy a new pair.

Nike is hopeful that Nike Fit will not only enable users to find a good fit the first time but will also help the company to decrease the number of returns while positively encouraging consumers to make purchases online. An in-store version of Nike Fit feature will also be introduced allowing the sales team to scan customers’ feet as they stand on a special grid-marked mat.

What do you think of this amazing feature?