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New HUD Display For Bike Helmets Helps You Keep Your Eyes On The Road

HUD Bike Display

Ride HUD helmet system 2All of us who have driven motorcycle are well aware of the fact that looking at the speedometer is much of a nuisance and can result in an accident since the biker has to take his/her attention off the road and focus on the speedometer. Keeping this in a mind, a number of companies have been trying to come up with a design for head-up display that would help bikers focus on the road while being able to take a peek at their speed, fuel and other vital information. So the key idea for a HUD helmet is to improve biker’s safety.

NUVIZ has come up with a design for a HUD helmet which is perhaps the most easy and innovative idea to date, while being simple and safe to employ as well. The innovation is being termed as ‘Ride: HUD helmet system’. What makes this particular HUD helmet system amazing are the features which it supports and the convenience it imparts to its users. First off, you don’t need to purchase a new helmet for this system to work; it can be installed on your regular helmet as well and works just fine. Ride: HUD helmet system can be installed onto the chin bar of your helmet and can be taken off quite easily too when not required. It comes with a translucent liquid-crystal-on-silicone screen which is displayed on the lower right hud view of rider and it’s transparent which means it doesn’t blocks user’s view.

Now here’s the fun part; this system can be paired with your smart phone and it will allow you to take calls, play music, display maps and other statistics while this information can be swapped by using a Bluetooth controller that is mounted on top of the gas tank. The system comes with a built in HD camera as well and is capable of taking photographs or making a video. Although its promotion says that it is the first of its kind HUD display for bikers, in reality it is not and there have been a number of inventions in this context before as well.

Anyhow, this one sure has its perks and as of now it is being funded via Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of $479 will guarantee you a unit, if it becomes available and we really hope it does.

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