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New Conspiracy Theory Taking Hold In The U.S Says That Birds Aren’t Real

Birds Aren't Real Movement: The New Conspiracy Theory Has Taken America By Storm

The birds are not really living beings and are used by the government in surveillance. Sounds ridiculous, right? But, unfortunately, there are people out there who actually believe this and have organized a rally with the expectation of changing others’ views as well.

“The Birds Aren’t Real” movement basically argues that the birds had been replaced with drones by the government back in 2001. According to them, Barack Obama is the culprit behind this and has turned the birds that were once real into drones. According to the conspiracy theory, these robot birds are utilized to monitor Americans.

“Where it all began. October 26th, 2001,” Birdsarentreal wrote on Instagram,

“The day the deceitful and wicked Patriot Act was passed by congress. I cannot watch these horrific videos in public, I tremble uncontrollably with rage. I sob. I can’t keep quiet.”

“After the government killed off the last real bird in 2001, they released the beta versions of the first prototype bird drones, as shown in these tapes. WHAT A COINCIDENCE that on October 27th, 2001, PEARL HARBOR happened. Yet, no one seems to draw the correlation. Sheep.”

“Call me misinformed, call me stupid, call me under-educated, I don’t care. Just because I didn’t go to ‘high school’ doesn’t mean that I’m any less intelligent. I just haven’t been brainwashed and institutionalized like you all. I know that I am WOKE and one day, you all will see.”

As absurd as this conspiracy theory sounds, there are still people out there supporting the theory. The rally took place in Springfield, Missouri, is seen as a form of satire by many. Unfortunately, though, a huge number of people who attended the rally support that these birds are used as robots.

“Australia isn’t real” is also one such absurd conspiracy theory, but it might have convinced a few people as well.

The conspiracy theory first formed by a college student claims that the CIA came up with two problems in the 1950s. First, how to monitor the whole US population and secondly, how to stop birds pooping on their posh CIA cars.

The solution was to replace the birds with tiny robot drones that would listen to our conversations.

“In a stolen transcript from an ex-CIA deputy,” she says, “yeah, the higher-ups were so annoyed that birds had been dropping faecal matter on their car windows that they vowed to wipe out every single flying feathered creature in North America,”

Succeeding various trials and upgrades, the birds were lastly released in 2001 by Barack Obama because that’s is exactly the kind of thing he’d aim in a conspiracy theory.  

In 1969, John F. Kennedy was murdered as he contradicted the idea after seeing a prototype of a “Turkey X500” robot, slaughtering the real birds and replacing them.

“The birds aren’t real” conspiracy theory is currently being filmed for a documentary sequel which would either be considered hilarious or turned into a global conspiracy. Let’s see!

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