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New Chinese AI Judge Will Be Helping With The Court Proceedings

Chinese AI Judge Will Be Helping With The Court Proceedings

Thinking Fast and Slow is a book by a Daniel Kahneman – a psychologist. The book states that there is a correlation between the leniency of a judge in court and how recently the judge had eaten lunch. This goes to prove that judges are not infallible. As per China and Estonia, the solution to this problem exists in the form of AI judge.

China is already quite famous for incorporating AI counterparts for professionals would be considered safe from AI by a vast majority. Last year, China had unveiled the world’s very first AI human-like news anchor. In a Beijing Internet Court statement, China has stated that an AI judge will be used in court proceedings. The statement refers to the AI as ‘the first of its kind in the world’.

As per the statement, the AI judge will have an appearance similar to one of the judges of the court. It will have a female image with a voice, facial expressions, and actions that are based on the real judge. The AI judge will be developed using ‘intelligent synthesizing technologies of speech and images.’ However, this AI judge will only be utilized to ‘help the court’s judges complete repetitive basic work, including litigation reception, thus enabling professional practitioners to focus better on their trial work.’

It appears that the AI judge won’t be used for making any final decisions on any kind of legal disputes. Instead, it will be used in order to provide assistance to the judges that are presiding over the court proceedings. The way things are, it is clear that the judges don’t need to worry about getting replaced by Ai any time soon. What do you think of the AI judge, and do you think it is a good idea to have such a system in place to take care of legal matters?

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