Wonderful Engineering

New Airport Terminal At Shenzen Is Amazing!

Here comes another great masterpiece by chinese engineers. Last week, a new terminal at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Guangdong, China was opened and it has replaced three previous terminals. The building can be termed as futuristic owing to its design and finished look. The three terminals ceased their operations on Wednesday once test runs, a total of three, were carried out at the new terminal.

The terminal has been designed by an Italian Studio Fuksas and covers a total of 500,000 sq. meters. This terminal, terminal 3, has been designed to mimic a manta ray and has a peculiar internal and external which comprises of a honeycomb motif double skin that engulfs the structure. This terminal is 1500 meters long and the roof’s span is 80 meters.

The structure’s metal and glass panels allow the filtering of natural light to take place which results in lower energy consumption and more daylight inside the building. Rainwater is collected and then made use of in the washrooms and to water the plants present indoors. The terminal also supports a 10 Megawatt solar power plant which can generate enough electricity to run 10,000 houses per month.  The construction expense is close to $4.1 billion and two further expansions are already planned to be executed by 2025 and 2035.