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Mysterious Foam Has Covered Streets In Japan After The Recent Earthquake

foam in Japanese cities3

Parts of Japan were jolted by a strong 7.3-magnitude earthquake in the early hours of Saturday morning leaving scores of people dead and hundreds unaccounted for in the earthquake-prone region in Northern Pacific. The natural calamity left much of Japan in emergency, and the population was struggling to pick up the pieces. But, after the disaster, an eerie phenomenon happened in the city of Fukuoka where dense foam covered much of the streets according to various social media reports and local news stations. Here, have a look:

Many initially believed that it was just a burst sewage pipe of sorts, but the sheer area which the foam covered was too massive to have come from a single burst pipe.

While others were confused about the foam, the locals were wary about the foam were hesitant to step on it and for good reasons too. What if a chemical factory had been compromised and the foam could very well be chemically hazardous for the people. So far, no confirmation from the local authorities have been received by the news outlets, and the foam has spread, creating a lot of hassle for the already stricken population.

The possibility of a pipe burst has been discussed many times, but unless it contained some mystery chemical that aerated through the cracks of the road, this possibility is still ruled out for the time being. What do you think is an engineering explanation of this weird happening in this well-planned Japanese city?


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