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Most Popular Engineering Degrees For US Students

Education is arguably the best investment you can make, thanks to a high guarantee of success and an increase in value to society. In a world where technology, creativity, and innovation takes center stage, it’s only natural that many people aspire to achieve an Engineering degree. Any technical essay writer from EssayWritingService can prove that obtaining a qualification in Engineering is, in the end, worth it.

Though it offers significant security for the future and often features as a high paying career, there’s no denying the difficulty students experience when looking to bag a degree in the best Engineering majors. Most students often opt to buy a research proposal paper or any other writing service online like BuyEssayClub. Getting this help offers a reprieve from high workload, gives you the time to accomplish other tasks, and guarantees high-quality write-ups.  For students looking to decide which Engineering programs to build a career around, here are the most popular in the US. 

Civil Engineering

The field of study has one of the greatest minds in history, Leonardo da Vinci, as a pioneering practitioner, Civil Engineering stands out as one of the top courses to study in the world. Thousands of college students graduate with a degree from this discipline each year, making it one of the most popular among scholars. You’ll get to learn about designing and creating societal constructs such as buildings, bridges, roads, water systems, and more.

The average civil engineer earns a base salary of almost $100,000 per annum, with experts predicting this field to experience significant growth in the coming years. The graduating figure for Civil stands at over 13,000 students in a year.

Popular Educational Institutions to Get a Degree in this Course

Petroleum Engineering

When asked about one of the best type of Engineering fields to get a degree in the US, many scholars will have this course of study top on their list. Thanks to having a high average salary of over $170,000 per annum, about 2000 students graduate into the Petroleum Engineering industry each year. Consider building a career around this course if you want to learn about the safe extraction and production of oil and gas.

Popular Educational Institutions to Get a Degree in this Course

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering requires little knowledge of both Electrical Engineering and Computer science. Thanks to the internet, you can find essay write-ups about these study areas for sale online. Approximately 7500 graduate from this discipline each year, making it one of the most popular among the different Engineering majors. You’ll get to learn how to provide professional services in hardware and software design, development, and integrations.

On the income front, the average salary for individuals with a degree in this field stands just under $105,000.

Popular Educational Institutions to Get a Degree in this Course

Electrical Engineering

Many US colleges offer premium educational services in this study field. This program is relatively new when compared to different Engineering majors such as Civil and Mechanical. Just as its name implies, Electrical deals with electronics and electricity, and boasts over 16,000 graduates each year.

The average income for this discipline stands at just over $105,000, with a higher growth rate than that of the general occupation. In an Electrical career, you have multiple industry options in your sight just as customary with the best Engineering majors. You can apply your service in industries such as research, development, manufacturing, Engineering, and more.

Popular Educational Institutions to Get a Degree in this Course

Mechanical Engineering

Having a PhD in this field of study guarantees a high demand for your skills in both the present and future society. Mechanical Engineering is one of the best types of Engineering to get a degree and workers in this field earn an average of about $100,000 per annum.

When comparing the different Engineering majors, Mechanical makes a compelling case as the most popular with about 30,000 graduates each year. It’s also one of the broadest in the industry, as it involves the designing and manufacturing of individual components to larger and more complex systems.

Popular Educational Institutions to Get a Degree in this Course

Chemical Engineering

Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s only about chemicals. Though it involves lots of calculations that will call on your maths and science skills, there’s still the duty of conducting your research, writing papers about your findings, and many more Engineering procedures. You’ll get to learn about the production, transportation, and storage of products such as fuels, chemicals, food, and more.

This discipline offers some of the best Engineering majors in the industry, as its potential growth rate exceeds that of the general occupation. it also commands a significant level of respect and an average income of over $100,000 in a year.

Popular Educational Institutions to Get a Degree in this Course

Final Thoughts

The shift to technology means the more jobs are fast becoming obsolete and will have little to no demand in future society. This scenario makes innovative occupations such as Engineering the go-to option for many students, with branches such as Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, and more being among the most popular.

In the past getting a Ph.D. or any other degree in the best type of Engineering majors was something of a mammoth task. Now, thanks to the chance of getting help from an online service, it’s easier to achieve. You wouldn’t have to worry about tedious research paper assignments, large volumes of essay write-ups, and multiple other time-sensitive writing tasks you’ll encounter during your college years.