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Watch Traumatized Monkeys Mourn The Death Of A Robotic Spy Monkey

Dead monkey

Spy In The Wild is a new nature documentary captured using hidden cameras disguised as the animals. The documentary was all fun and games and gave some very cool footage and data on the behavior of the animals until it recently took a very tragic and emotional turn!

The gimmick backfired big time when BBC put a langur monkey robot amidst their colony in Rajasthan, India. The clip shows that a curious monkey accidentally drops the robot while trying to comfort it, and thinks she has actually “killed” it. The “dead” monkey then spurs an almost religious mourning ritual in the colony, where all the langurs are seen to gather around and hug each other while contemplatively gazing upon the lifeless body of the “dead” baby langur monkey. Brutal stuff!

Research has suggested that many primates do mourn their dead, and according to Live Science, some mothers carry the bodies of the dead babies for weeks.

But the recent clip in “Spy in the Wild” shows scenes of empathy that had never been anticipated before, and turned from a documentary to a full-blown operation “Emotionally Traumatized Monkeys.”

You must be very proud BBC, probably putting a langur monkey on trial for murder!

Watch the heartbreaking clip below!

Do you feel as sad at this incident as much as we do? Comment below!

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