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Mistbox Is A New Gadget That Cools Air Conditioners To Keep Them Efficient

Mistbox air cooler

Air conditioners are used to keep the mercury levels down. They reduce the temperature inside by removing the heat from the air and dumping it outside. But above a normal operating temperature, their performance is severely affected, and they cannot just function the same. It is a paradox in itself that a cooling equipment needs to be cooled to perform well. This is where Mistbox comes in.

Its technology induces a water mist around the heated parts, thus keeping it below critical temperature. It is essentially an add-on technology so it won’t have to be incorporated into AC designs and thus, avoiding complication of the process.

Air conditioners are essentially heat engines just operating in the reverse. The efficiency of any heat engine depends on the ambient temperature of the device. If the air in the surroundings is cold, the air conditioner works well, but if it is hot, the cooling capacity also decreases. So what Mistbox does is that it pre-cools the air coming into the air conditioner. It works on simple evaporative cooling principles, but the effect experienced due to its addition is significant, especially in extreme hot conditions.

Mistbox blows a fine spray of water into the intake area of the air conditioner. It may seem a crude process, but it’s not. It is very efficient and gets controlled by sophisticated algorithms working on the data received from temperature, light and electromagnetic fields to release the correct amount of water stream. A solar panel and 7.2 V Nih battery powers the entire system, so it doesn’t consume any electricity at all while saving lots of it from your A/C.

There is no complicated wiring needed, and it can be installed in a few minutes. The control bar has its own mounting technique while the cooling pipes can easily be mounted on the intake grill. Water is brought from the domestic supply and you don’t have to worry about contamination as a particular filtration unit can remove it from water before spraying it into the intake. The box can be accessed both via the display on its top or a smartphone app. Smartphone choice is better as it offers mobility as well.

The main issue with the Mistbox is its price. It costs around 449 dollars which is a lot considering you can buy a new A/C with this kind of money. However, it is also eligible for a 30 percent tax rebate from the government due to its environment-friendly nature. In the long run, we expect it to pay back its exorbitant price. It’s a good investment, but the price should have been a bit lower to get the crowd going about it.

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