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Minitaur Is A Cute Prancing Robot That Can Open Doors And Jump Up The Stairs

For years, DARPA and Boston Dynamics have dominated the animal-inspired robot market. However, this latest robot named the Ghost Minitaur is on another level.


Image Source: Ghost Robotics


The four-legged bot is the cutest thing you will see today. It can run, hop over the tricky ground, and open doors. You can watch Ghost Minitaur in action in the video below:



The robot bounds up the stairs easily and makes it seem like an effortless task. The most exciting feature of the robot is its ability turn the handle of the door and push it open.


Image Source: Ghost Robotics


An Arduino controller drives the ghost Minitaur. The high-speed cameras embedded in the robot enable to monitor and observe its surrounding continuously and thus, adapt accordingly. The cute, lil Minitaur can bound, walk, prance, and trot.

If you want to get this cutie for yourself, be ready to part with a hefty $10,000. The robot is also expensive because it is fundamentally designed for use in research rather than commercial purposes.