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Microwulf Is The World’s Cheapest DIY Supercomputer

If there ever comes a time when you find yourself in the need of a supercomputer, would you fancy making one for yourself or will you spend insane cash on purchasing one? We know we’d go for building it on our own. We know one person who’d agree with this approach; the same guy who has created this supercomputer known as Microwulf that has qualified for the cheapest supercomputer ever build.

The system is a Beowulf cluster that is capable of running at 26.25 Gigaflops and costs $1,256. This may not qualify for a budget computer, but for budget supercomputer it sure is heck of a solid candidate. The figure of 26.25 Gigaflops is insane when you look at it from price/performance ratio.

Sun’s Spart Enterprise M9000 Supercomputer costs $511,385 and is capable of working at 1.03 Teraflops, breaking this in dollars per Gigaflop tells us that M9000 costs $496 per Gigaflop whereas Microwulf costs $48 per Gigaflop.

You can find out how to make your own mini-supercomputer by checking Cluster Monkey out!