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Microsoft Is Working On A Deal To Integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT Into MS Word

Microsoft is allegedly in talks with OpenAI to invest more than $10 billion into the artificial intelligence company. It will be able to use its AI in Office suite, along with Bing.

The Information claims that Microsoft is finding ways to strengthen its existing partnership with the Elon Musk-founded AI company. They even say that the tech giant has already been silently integrating OpenAI’s text generation software into Word through its autocomplete suggestions.

It is also being said that the deal between the companies — which have been working together on Microsoft’s Azure AI system since at least 2019, when Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI — have been in negotiations about the proposed deal for months.

“We do not comment on speculation,” a Microsoft spokesperson told us in response to questions about the reporting.

If the deal gets successful, it could lead to a massive increase in the public-facing availability of the company’s next-gen AI, especially chatGPT, which is being applauded for bringing out material so original and astute that it gets almost impossible to tell if it was not written by a human.

ChatGPT is based on its GPT-3 language generation model. Since its advent, OpenAI has received a myriad of critiques from academics and others concerned with the lengthening specter of AI. The one-time nonprofit, which later switched to a for-profit model and by October valued at $20 billion, has also reportedly been in talks with other investors, and could soon be worth nearly $30 billion if those deals come through/

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