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Microsoft Has Suspended Sales In Russia

Microsoft has halted new product or service purchases in Russia, the computer behemoth stated on Friday, in the fresh consequence of Moscow’s assault of Ukraine. Western countries, athletic groups, and large corporations have blocked Russia off or sanctioned it for the universally criticized aggression on its neighbors. The business overseeing code that runs on over one billion computers in the United States (US) said that it would “halt all additional business of Microsoft products and services” in Russia, but failed to explain how well the policy would be implemented.

“We are appalled, enraged, and saddened by the pictures and stories emanating from the conflict in Ukraine, and we denounce Russia’s unwarranted, aggressive, and illegitimate intervention,” Microsoft President Brad Smith stated in a blog post. In reaction to the invasion, Apple has already halted sales of its devices in Russia, and US-based social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have taken efforts to combat the dissemination of Russian government media. Microsoft also stated that it had taken measures in response to destructive assaults on the Ukrainian government.

The move was made after major businesses, notably Apple, Nike, Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen, ceased sales and operations in Russia. Microsoft also said that they had assisted in protecting Ukraine’s cyberspace against Russian threats. Microsoft president Brad Smith stated in a statement that the business has taken action against Russian features of this project more than 20 Ukrainian government, IT, and financial services sector entities.

Microsoft is not the first major technology company to explicitly suspend sales in Russia while the country’s incursion of Ukraine continues. Apple stopped selling its goods in Russia earlier this week, while Google decided to discontinue there yesterday. Several technology companies, including Microsoft, have also banned, removed from the site, or prioritized information from Russian state media channels such as RT and Sputnik. And, in response to the Ukrainian government’s attempt, some gaming firms have halted the marketing of their games in Russia while the conflict proceeds.

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