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Microsoft Just Became The World’s Third Most Valuable Company Beating Google


Microsoft has won the title of the third largest valuable company in the world and has a net worth of $753 billion. It has left behind Google, which is now valued at $739 billion. In the last few years, Microsoft and Google have been trading their positions in the market. The Verge reported that Microsoft has surpassed the Google’s parent company Alphabet by nearly $14 billion.

Microsoft has become the third most valuable company in the world with Apple and Amazon ahead of it with a net worth of $923 billion and $782 billion respectively. The Alphabet Inc is now on number four followed by Facebook and Tencent. In 2012, Google surpassed Microsoft in market value. Since Satya Nadela became the CEO of Microsoft nearly four years ago, the stock price of Microsoft has doubled. Satya did a lot of improvements in AI and cloud computing technology. He also shifted the focus of the company to newly emerging technologies from old software and hardware business.

Microsoft is still behind Apple which is generating revenue from a wide range of businesses, especially from iPhone. On the other hand, Microsoft earns around 35% through Windows, Surface and gaming segments. Cloud business, Office, and Productivity contribute to 60% of the total stock. While Google earns nearly 90% of its revenue from advertisements. Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have been engaged in the race across the $1 trillion market stock. Wall Street analysts said that Microsoft will soon become the first company which will surpass the $1 trillion target leaving behind Apple and Amazon.

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