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Meta Announces New AI Model That Can Replicate The Voices Of Loved Ones But Says It’s Too Risky To Release

Meta Announces New AI Model That Can Replicate The Voices Of Loved Ones But Says It's Too Risky To Release

Meta, a technology company, has unveiled a revolutionary AI model capable of replicating voices. However, despite its potential, Meta has decided against releasing it to the public due to concerns about misuse and the responsibility that comes with it.

Voicebox, developed by Meta, is an advanced AI model designed to replicate voices and can operate in six different languages. Meta described it as a “breakthrough in generative AI for speech” in a recent news release. Despite this accomplishment, the company has chosen not to make the Voicebox model or its code publicly available for now. The primary reason behind this decision is Meta’s acknowledgment of the potential risks associated with misuse of the technology by individuals with malicious intentions.

In a recent post, Meta stated, “There are many exciting use cases for generative speech models, but because of the potential risks of misuse, we are not making the Voicebox model or code publicly available at this time. While we believe it is important to be open with the AI community and share our research to advance the state of the art in AI, it’s also necessary to strike the right balance between openness and responsibility.”

According to Meta’s news release, Voicebox offers various beneficial applications. It could enable visually impaired individuals to hear messages in the voices of their friends, providing a more personalized experience.

Additionally, users could utilize Voicebox to speak in foreign languages using their own voices, making communication more accessible and natural. The technology also opens doors for creators, allowing them to edit audio tracks for videos and enhance the voices of virtual assistants to sound more lifelike.

While Meta has opted not to release Voicebox to the public, the company expressed eagerness to observe how other researchers will build upon their work. This decision aligns with Meta’s overarching strategy of integrating AI into its products and showcasing its commitment to AI development. Although Meta has not been prominent in the realm of consumer-facing AI products, its dedication to advancing AI technology remains steadfast.

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