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Mercedez Benz Set To Unveil Wireless Charging In The S-Class By Next Year

Mercedez Wireless charging2

More and more auto manufacturers are trying to solve the charging conundrum posed by both fully electric and hybrid cars. To promote a new concept, Mercedez has come up with a new wireless charging concept that it will introduce in the new Mercedez S500 fully Hybrid Sedan later next year. It isn’t exactly an all new concept from the premium automaker as dozens of after-market concepts have been released before but this is the first time such a system will be brought into production.


The new car will have a wireless transmission coil installed at the bottom of the car’s front and the driver will have to park the car directly over the primary charging plate in the refueling center. Many people will be able to install it on the front side of the car porch and make use of it directly according to Mercedez.

The company also claims that the new charging method is 90% efficient and the charging times will be almost identical to the ones achieved by plugged in chargers. This could be a game-changer for the industry, and it might shift entirely towards the wireless transmission rather than the conventional one that takes manual effort to help setup.

However, the car will need to be parked precisely above the charging platform or else the driver will continue to drive back and forth. Here is where the automated parking system can come into place just like the normal S-class ones. So, all is set for Mercedes’s superiority in the wireless charging concept. Can anybody come up with a new system? I am banking on Tesla to have the job done.

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