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Meet Paul Klane – The Man Who Has The Keys To The Internet

We all owe internet quite a lot. It has helped us learn many new things and stay connected. The whole world has basically been brought together by the advent of internet. However, history has taught us that if there’s a group that works for the betterment of the society, there are many other groups whose sole purpose is to corrupt that idea. Same is the case with internet and therefore, security measures have to be taken. One such security measure is a pretty extreme one and involves an organisation which shall be called upon if internet’s survival is at stake.

So the idea is to ‘reset’ the internet if needed and for that, some individuals have been given keys, which combine into one master key and that master key is capable of resetting the internet. The head of this organization is a British businessman by the name of Paul Klane and among many other posts that he enjoys, he is also the most powerful man on the planet. What we are looking at is an organization, which will be able to reboot internet in case of a crisis or a cyber-security breach.

According to the Guardian; ‘Each of the 14 primary keyholders owns a traditional metal key to a safety deposit box, which in turn contains a smartcard, which in turn activates a machine that creates a new master key.’ The master key is capable of ensuring that DNS (Domain Name System), which is in essence a databank of IP addresses, is authentic.

This organization is known as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and it meets four times per year in US. The members have been chosen according to their geographical spread and because of their experience in the relevant field.

One of the members is Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder who is also an Internet Hall of Fame member and she said; ‘Of course it is a bit romantic and thrilling to be a part of this, because I am a romantic by heart. I have to admit, I love the internet.’ For those of you who don’t get the pun; ‘she also Meholds the Key to internet’. Hope that helped you in getting a hang of the pun!