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Meet Norway’s Colossal New Windcatchers – A Ridiculous Feat Of Engineering

There has been an ample amount of discussions and research to find a solution for the increasing energy crisis that we are encountering today. If a swift shift towards sustainable and renewable sources of energy is not made soon, the energy crisis will soon be taking an appalling turn.

This is the reason why other forms of energy sources are being tested and used. One of these experiments was Norway’s Windcatcher Project that turned out to be a success. It is a huge structure of around 1000 feet in height.

According to Norway’s Wind Catching Systems (WCS), every year, this project has the potential of producing five times more energy than the energy produced by conventional single turbines. A report shows that the cost of this project is also less than the grid system.

This structure is based on the use of wind energy which is then transferred to the turning of turbines in the ocean, creating electricity. This will create a 500% boost in annual energy output with the ability to power almost 80,000 houses in the area. The regular wind turbine has a life of around 30 years. on the contrary, this floating platform project will have a life of about 50 years.

It might be a costly way of producing energy but for the offshore winds, it is pretty cost-effective. The company that made this project has the investment from companies North Energy and Ferd. Moreover, the company used the services of Aibel and the IFE Institute for Energy Technology to develop the mechanism of offshore winds for wind supplying.

There are still questions about the durability of the structure when natural strong winds blow like hurricanes or tornadoes. It is still debatable if the structure will be able to survive these forces.  

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