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Meet Moxie – A New $1,500 Robot That Will Teach Your Kids

We always keep an eye out for educational tech and the latest addition comes in the form of a seven-pound robot that seems as if it has come straight out of a Pixar movie. Say hello to Moxie – the cutest little educational robot that has been designed to teach kids at home. However, bear in mind, it is expensive with a price tag of $1,500 and further needs a $60 monthly subscription after the first year.

Moxie has been created by Embodied – a robotics and AI company. The company said that the robot is aimed at kids with ages ranging between six and nine. Moxie will teach these kids by employing the use of weekly themes and lessons that have been crafted for promoting cognitive, emotional, and social learning.

Kids shall be given the task of helping Moxie to carry out exploration and learning of human experiences and life skills such as learning new words or talking about significant experiences, for instance, going to the dentist. Parents will be able to control Moxie via parent app that will allow them to follow their child’s progress while enabling them to place limits on Moxie usage.

As far as education tech for kids goes, the concerns linked with privacy and security are of paramount importance. Moxie’s data, therefore, shall be encrypted and parents/guardians will be the only ones who will be able to access the data for a particular unit.

Moxie comes equipped with four microphones located inside its head and has a camera attached to the front. We will have to wait and see how that plays out for Moxie. Moxie is all set for release during Fall 2020. Fast Company has already conducted a deep dive into the design process of Moxie. We can’t wait to see how this product performs in the market. What do you think of Moxie?