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Mark Zuckerberg Is Using Games To Lure People Into The Metaverse – But Are They Any Good?

People who are eagerly waiting for Meta’s grand metaverse vision may have to wait up to a decade longer. This was revealed by the company on Wednesday. In the meantime, Meta’s hoping a fresh catalog of improved VR games can function as a type of gateway drug to get users accustomed to their days being spent in a VR headset.

Speaking on Wednesday during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Meta AR/VR executive producer Ruth Bram admitted that both hardware and software components of the metaverse are still in need of some work. According to Bram, it may take five to ten more years to fully achieve the vision the metaverse CEO Mark Zuckerberg and others awkwardly spoke of last year.

“Gaming is how a lot of people are going to step into it [the metaverse] for the first time,” Bram said. “Games have pioneered many of the principles that ground our vision. Virtual, three-dimensional spaces that enable people to connect in entirely new ways. We think the metaverse will build on this foundation to become the next generation of the internet and the next evolution of social technology.”

Around a dozen of those games were on display during Wednesday’s event. All the titles shown during the event are scheduled to release within the next year.