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Mark Zuckerberg Is So Paranoid About Spying That He Tapes Up His Webcam

Credits: Mark Zuckerberg

The latest picture of Mark Zuckerberg at his desk reveals that he is paranoid about his privacy. The CEO of the social media platform that relies on the information garnered from more than 1 billion users is concerned that somebody may attempt to spy on him.

Zuckerberg celebrated the 500 million active Instagram users by sharing his image. However, the image stirred a debate on the internet about the privacy concern of the CEO of Facebook.


Image Source: Mark Zuckerberg


You need to examine this picture carefully to observe that two pieces of tape cover the camera and the audio jack of his Macbook. Hackers try to gain unsolicited images and capture footage by gaining access to the webcams. It appears as if Zuckerberg is trying to nip such attempts in the bud by rendering his webcam useless.



Being one of the most well-known figures in the world, his paranoia might be understandable. After all, only a few days back, the hackers gained access to his Pinterest and other lesser known social media accounts.