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Mario Ferri Is Revolutionizing The Universal Joints Industry

Mario Ferri

A Universal joint is all the more ordinarily known as U-joint. Moreover, it can likewise be called all-inclusive coupling, Cardan joint, and Hooke’s joint; and so on it is a mechanical association between pivoting shafts which are by and large not in parallel, but rather meeting. It can permit positive transmission of pivoting force at a much bigger point than is reasonable with an adaptable coupling. What’s more, it can transmit torque and movement.

Mario Ferri is exactness unwavering quality innovation accuracy in accuracy designing. FERRI have been assembling only universal joints for over fifty years. Because of this specialization, FERRI joints have dependably achieved top levels in exactness and unwavering quality.

Universal joints can be broadly utilized as a part of a wide range of power transmission frameworks. They have an assortment of uses. They can be utilized as a part of sustenance handling supplies, substitution for costly gearboxes, and drives, and so on. In addition, they are additionally normally connected in associating power take-off drive shafts in off-thruway tractors that work drawn apparatus, for example, turning grass cutters and food processors.

Some Of Their Products Are


«G» arrangement (plain course) is furnished with sliding shrubs, while «H» arrangement with needle roller direction.

Joints with plain course are accessible in 2 forms:

– G rendition to DIN 808

– GB rendition to DIN 808/7551

Joints with roller course are accessible in 2 forms:

– H rendition to DIN 808

– HB adaptation to DIN 808/7551



Focal square and forks from one bit of Nickel Chrome steel solidified and solidified HRC >= 60, R >= 200 Kgf/

-High wear resistance, long life

-Pre-greased up. Greaser worked in

-Max point: 45°. Max speed: 1000 R.P.M.

-Extraordinary executions on solicitation

As is mentioned at the beginning of this article, a Universal joint additionally can be called Cardan joint or Hooke’s joint. Really, it is the most seasoned and most normal kind of u-joint. This joint is entirely prominent in car applications. It can transmit moderately high torque with insignificant spiral burdens. Be that as it may, it additionally has a few inconveniences. For instance, by outline, these u-joints experience issues adjusting for parallel balance and pivotal misalignment. Additionally, because of its configuration, even a greased up Cardan u-joint will require occasional support, and might spill oil. So these are the pros and cons. Hope you find it useful. You can check out Mario Ferri on their official website.