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Man Wearing A TV On His Head Is Dropping Off TVs On Random Doorsteps In The US

A man wearing a mask shaped like an old TV has been on a strange mission. He spent an entire night leaving old TV sets on the porches of more than 50 homes in Virginia and no one knows why he did this. The person has been named as TV Santa Claus.

The event has been termed as a real-life episode of The Twilight Zone. A mysterious character who remains unknown wore a fake TV set mask on his head and spent the night carefully leaving more than 50 old TV sets on the porches of houses in Henrico County, Virginia. When the residents woke up on Sunday, they found the strange gifts in front of their front doors. Soon enough, the police were called for the sake of reporting these unusual gifts. No one knows the motive behind TV Santa Claus’ August delivery run.

There is no consensus if this was the job of one deliveryman or more because other than some footage that was captured by smart doorbells of the residents; there has been no reported sighting of any kind of suspicious activity in Henrico County. Police believe that the person caught on camera might have a helper but is not sure.

The TV Santa Claus was filmed by one of the residents’ smart doorbell and can be seen wearing a blue jumpsuit, black gloves, brown boots, and a big mask that is shaped like an old TV set. He can be observed as he drops the TV set on the porch, turning around, and walking away but not before waving to the camera. The police, however, still believes that that TV Santa Claus poses no threat. In fact, the police have announced that they won’t be investigating the matter any further.

Matt Pecka, who is a lieutenant in the local police department, said, ‘We determined there was no credible threat to residents and that this was strictly an inconvenience. I mean, one TV neatly placed on the front doorstep of each resident … it wasn’t done in a malicious manner.’ Pecka further said that at the most, TV Santa Claus is under the risk of getting charged with leaving an unwanted item on private or public property, but that is it.

The TVs have been collected by police and shall soon undergo recycling by the county. The response to TV Santa Claus has been mixed. Some have described the incident as ‘awesome’ and ‘lighthearted’ whereas others have called it crazy and frightening.