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Make this Portable 8$ Air Conditioner and Enjoy Your Summers

Is the heat wave getting to you and the faulty air conditioner is lying useless somewhere in the house? Is your electricity bill rising to astronomical levels due to the vintage unit’s reduced efficiency and you can’t afford a new one worth hundreds of dollars? No worry as with the help of this simple DIY, you can create a good one in just 8 dollars and just ten minutes of your time.

The main body of the new air conditioner will be a styrofoam box that can be purchased for around 4 $. Two air vents for letting air out will cost 2 $ a piece, and you also need a fan lying around. This amazing air conditioner can be made with the help of just these three things. Now what you have to do is to trace the area of the vent and the fan on the styrofoam for cutting purposes later. Try to be accurate as much as you can. Then you cut off these styrofoam areas and get rid of the foam pieces with the help of a vacuum cleaner. First you attach the vents and then you can attach the fan and do a little air flow test. If the air is coming out efficiently, the opening is just fine. If it is leaking or being underpowered, you will need to make a few holes or even close some with the help of tape. If your fan is on a weaker side, put in a single vent only.

Now, you need to get a few bottles of water and freeze them over. Ice cubes and other ice samples from the fridge will act beneficially too. Now, you can turn on the fan again and experience the amazing cooling effect from the air vents. It won’t be able to provide cooling at plus hundred degrees Fahrenheit, but it will do good enough below that. The air conditioner test undertaken afterwards show that the cooler can provide astonishing cool air flowing at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But soon, the ice will melt, and the temperature of the air will rise, but it will stay cool enough for several hours at least, depending on the number of bottles.

Here is the video of the DIY. Do make it and enjoy at home: