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Mac vs. Windows – Who’s Better At Privacy For Businesses in 2020

Like sibling rivalry, the competition between Mac and Windows is here to stay. The comparison between the two operating systems is usually according to the features they offer. That includes user-friendliness, apps, plus 3rd party software support, privacy, and security.

Thanks to the aggressive campaigns from Apple and Microsoft, most people have found a reason to stay loyal to one over the other, or switch between the two. Apple currently controls approximately 10% of the global personal computer market. The smaller market share is partly due to the cost of Apple devices, another factor that pushes most users to Windows.

So, does that mean choosing Windows devices is compromising on everything else like security and quality in favor of affordability? When it comes to a business, you can’t afford to pick something because it’s affordable. That’s where this comparison comes in.

Privacy is one thing that matters most for businesses, especially in 2020, when so much of business life is now online. A violation of privacy can affect your brand, customer experience, and even damage your company’s reputation. Read on to find out more about these two operating systems and which one is better at privacy for your business.

Mac Privacy Features

When it comes to security, Apple sure can talk to the talk. Macs operate on a closed system, which contributes positively to security and privacy. The tighter control Apple has over the hardware that runs Mac iOS lowers the occurrence of hardware vulnerabilities, and in turn, hacking and surveillance. Factors affecting privacy on Mac devices include:

Apps and 3rd Party Software Installation

One source of privacy and security breaches is apps installed from unverified sources. All Mac devices have a pre-installed tool that prevents installations from anywhere else other than the Apple Store. It protects any business using those devices from privacy violations.

Market Share

Having a smaller market share may be another reason why Mac has fewer privacy issues. It’s less prone to malware and cybercrime attacks. 

However, the risk is still there, which is why the installation of antivirus and VPN software is necessary. Some VPNs have military-grade encryption which is important when protecting your private data. 

Adware and PUPs protection

Despite all the security against malware from unverified sources, Apple doesn’t yet have the same level of protection for adware and PUPs. This leaves the door open for adware like the Shlayer Trojan, which is adware usually hidden on legitimate sites visited by many people. 

When you click on it, it redirects your browser to the cyberattacker’s target page where they may steal your company’s financial data, or worse, your clients.’

Windows Privacy Features

A lot more people use Windows devices because they’re affordable, and cybercriminals take advantage of that. There are plenty of malware programs designed for it versus those available for Mac because of its more significant market share. 

For a business, that means a higher risk of privacy breaches when you choose Windows over Mac. Other factors that affect privacy protection on Windows devices are:

3rd Party Drivers

A major cause of instability and security risks in Windows PCs is the installation of 3rd party drivers and programs. They’re one reason why Windows falls prey to a lot more malware such as ransomware and spyware.

Security Updates

To try and curb the many cyberattacks Windows Pcs go through, Microsoft always updates its security and Windows Defender features. It also ensures your business’ privacy with anti-ransomware measures. 

You could argue that Windows devices have better preparedness to protect your privacy due to the experience the parent company has with malware, as explained by security experts over  at


What You Should Consider

The one thing every business wants is to save money. That usually comes above all else, sometimes to the company’s detriment. With regard to operating systems, Windows-supported devices are generally the most affordable. Yet they’re also the most vulnerable in terms of privacy.

From the information stated above of the factors affecting privacy with each operating system, you can base your decision on the following:

Frequency of Cyber Attacks

Logically, you’d want your business to use the operating system that’s less prone to attacks that lead to privacy violations. However, that doesn’t always mean it’s the safest. 

In the case of Windows vs. PC, the former has a larger market share than the latter. That makes it a more desirable target because more people use it. Hence there’s a lot of malware designed to undermine Windows systems specifically.

However, since Mac has less frequent attacks, you could argue that it’s less prepared for such an incident to occur. In fact, Mac software threats rose by 2 to 1 as compared to Windows. 

Defense System

How much a system is under attack matters less than how it defends itself from the attack and protects against future incidents. Whenever Windows systems experience new malware, Microsoft updates the Windows defender and anti-ransomware software. That helps to protect against future attacks.

Apple, on the other hand, has a pre-installed program that prevents the installation of software from unauthorized sources, one of the biggest causes of security breaches in Windows systems. By taking a preventative, rather than reactive approach, Mac further reduces the chances of a cyberattack.

Depending on the kind of software you need to run for your business, you may have no choice but to choose one over the other. Windows offers more flexibility over Mac, which has a narrower software ecosystem. So, if the software you need can’t run on Macs, you’ll have to use Windows, regardless of the potential privacy issues.

The Verdict

Both Mac and Windows have incredible strengths and worrying weaknesses. Many experts have different opinions and arguments for and against choosing one over the other. However, the choice largely depends on what you need for your business. 

If you consider privacy alone, Mac seems like the best choice. It prevents privacy issues by eliminating one of the causes of security breaches. Which is, the installation of apps from unverified sources. You can supplement that with VPNs and antivirus software for the ultimate protection of your business’s private data.