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Looking At The World Through UV Camera Shows Some Real Surprises

world through UV camera

Looking at the world through a UV camera reveals some really fascinating information. The informative video from Veritasium demonstrates some basic principles of the light which gives a whole new perspective of looking at the world. Ultraviolet light interacts with the world differently and makes some things look very different than regular visible light.

Some pigments selectively absorb the UV light, so they appear white in visible light but dark in the UV light. Fluorescent molecules look different across different lights. They can absorb UV light and re-radiate the energy back as visible light. This causes them to look dark in UV but glow brightly under black light. An excellent example of this is looking at tonic water inside with a UV lamp once it has been placed outside.

Derek Muller, the host, invited fellow YouTube creator of ‘The Physics Girl’ on the episode to explain about sunscreen, UV light, and our skin. The video not only teaches you to protect your skin on sunny days, but it will also help you understand the way everything around us gets affected by different types of light.

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