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Look At This Map To Find Out If You Will Survive A Nuclear War Or Not

Image: Would I Survive A Nuke

One of the greatest threats to humankind is the 15,000 nuclear bombs created by many countries of the world. The world witnessed the power of these nukes when they striked the Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the August of 1945 in the heat of the Second World War. While the two cities rose above the terror of those days, the world has not forgotten that time yet. The continuous advancement in the warfare technology is raising fears that the nuclear war will destroy the entire planet in the end; it is indeed inevitable!

The bombs dropped on the Japanese cities are nothing but the fire crackers in comparison to the nukes that we have developed today. One may not imagine that any part of the world may survive in an incident of such intensity. But, we can’t say anything about the extent of this destruction and how are we going to survive it. However, now the solution is just a click away! offers maps where you can find out the injuries you may incur depending on the type of nuke that striked you along with its blast radius.

The website was developed as a little joke, but it does depict the reality of the strength of nuclear weapons that we have created for our destruction. Something of this sort is not expected to go down without criticism, so they have already written a disclaimer saying,

“This site is not intended to influence you or anyone else to make decisions regarding the safety of you or of anyone else in the event of a nuclear or any other type of attack.”

Update: The creator of the website is currently working on developing the map servers. As soon as it goes up, you can try and face your nuke fears, one click at a time.

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