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LEGO Genius Builds Replica Model Of Steam Engine From 1907

This guy created a fascinating LEGO recreation of a 2.5k horsepower triple-expansion engine that came with four-cylinders.

You can find impressive LEGO creations all around, and as we know that now and then, a replica model comes out unexpectedly and make you envy it twice. The following video by Youtube channel Martin Roberts demonstrates the 1:1 scale lego model of a steam engine produced in 1907. Noteworthy is that this lego recreation is a prime example of all the Lego models ever created.

You’ll find out more about this fantastic LEGO recreation of the “2500-horsepower triple-expansion four-cylinder Trencherfield Mill engine in Wigan.” It was initially developed in the year 1907, as per the description of the video. This engine was widely used in the first half of the 20th century and was equipped with Corliss Vessels. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it was a technology that worked with rotating valves to increase a steam engine’s efficacy.

The video gives us an in-depth and close look at the engine. Moreover, it also has all the details about how the airways and valves worked in it. It will broaden your knowledge about how these steam engines actually worked while you also enjoy the attention to detail about each part of it.

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