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Learn How To Make Your Old Smartphone Run Like A New Phone

Are you afraid of spending more than $1,000 on an iPhone? If that is the case, then these tips will prove really beneficial for you. We have put together a list of ways that you can use to make your smartphone run in an effective manner.

Time To Change Your Theme

When you are using Android phones, making customizations to your smartphone can make it feel like a brand new phone. The launcher is the software that tackles your wallpaper, design of your apps, lock screen, and more.


You can change a launcher simply by holding the screen on your phone and clicking on the Themes option. It will lead you to a bunch of favored selections of Samsung. Or you can simply go to Google Play Store and search for launchers. Apple users can also switch up the style, but it is generally a bit more difficult to tinker with the complete user interface.

You can always spice things up by switching to the dark mode. If nothing seems to be working, you can always declutter your phone by making folders and moving apps to these folders.

Make Use Of Wireless Charging

Android phones have had wireless charging for quite some time. However, iPhone users were introduced to it in 2017. In any case, you can upgrade your smartphone by getting a wireless charging receiver and attaching it to your phone. It will only cost you $10-15, but your phone will support wireless charging after it.

Swapping A Battery

Here’s another amazing thing that you can try; replace your smartphone’s battery. Lithium-ion batteries undergo chemical change over time and become less effective. When you get a new battery for your smartphone, given that the battery is of premium quality, you will feel the difference.

Get Ride Of Extra Stuff

Most of the time, simply cleaning your phone of old and useless files can help you breathe new life into it. For instance, I generally make a copy of my phone data every three months and delete the data from my phone. It makes a huge difference in its performance.

Try LineageOS

LineageOS is open-source and free software that can be used by those who are not amateurs. However, it does make your phone feel like a new phone. The best aspect of LineageOS is that it doesn’t have any bloatware.

Invest In New Accessories

Purchasing new accessories can also make your phone feel like a new phone. The accessories that you buy can include anything such as a pop socket, new phone case, or even a screen protector.

Switch To Factory Settings

If everything else fails, then this is the last resort that you have before you consider spending money on buying a new phone. Make sure that you have made a copy of your entire phone data before you restore factory settings since it will erase everything on your phone.