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Learn How Dual Fuel Injection Works With This Amazing Video

Do you know that many car manufacturers are opting for dual fuel injection? By doing so, these manufacturers are able to take advantage of the very best that direct and port fuel injection methods have to offer. For the uninitiated, electronic fuel injection is quite conventional in cars. However, which variant is more advantageous? Is it the direct injection or port injection?

For a variety of car manufacturers, there is no actual winner. So what do they do? They decided to make use of both types of fuel injection in some of their models. Both approaches have their own pros and con. But what is the actual difference between them? And does making use of a combination of them has any effect on the performance of the vehicle? All of these questions and some more have been answered in this video that comes from Engineering Explained!

Before you move any further, however; it is important that you understand the difference between port injection and direct injection. Port injection is the name given to the process where the fuel is injected before the intake valve whereas the direct injection is the name given to the process where the fuel is injected, yes, directly into the cylinder.

In order for the fuel to combust, it must transform into vapor first. Each method of injection has a different way of achieving this goal. When you are talking about port injection, the fuel is at low pressure when it arrives but has ample time to mix with air. From the moment it is added into the intake runner and up until the intake stroke and compression stroke.

On the other hand, direct injection sees fuel added to the chamber. The timing of addition varies from engine to engine, but it has lesser time to mix with air nonetheless. To count for this, the fuel is added at a higher pressure for creating a fine mist that is capable of vaporizing easily.

Now that you have been brought up to speed check out the rest of the details in the video given below to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of electronic fuel injection.