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Leaked Video Shows The New Apple Electric Car In Action

Apple testing new electric car2

After the launch and incredible reception of Tesla’s latest Model 3, it seems that the development of electric cars has picked up the pace and now everyone seems to be coming up with an electric car to rival Tesla’ early lead in the industry. We have Faraday Future’ crazy luxury adventure that is going to be produced in the billion-dollar facility in Las Vegas and then we have Nissan, Honda and now Apple trying very hard to come up with an alternative to the models X, S and 3. Apple has been desperately trying to lure talented automotive engineers and designers to come work for their new electric car project codenamed Titan and is reportedly paying up mouth-watering $250,000 signing bonuses to them to come and work for Apple. Much of the project is enshrined in secrecy, and it will be interesting to see what the tech giant has been up to in recent years.

This recent video shows the kind of progress Apple has been able to achieve in recent years. The car is electric and appears somewhat smaller than life-size and is being tested in apple’s car testing facility. The windows of the car have been shaded black, and we don’t know if there is a driver behind the steering wheel or not. But, it is a fact that Apple has spent a fortune developing autonomous driving technology in Silicon Valley just like Google and Tesla. Motor Trend was able to tap into this prototype’s performance and come up with concept drawings that resemble the car in this video.

But why does Apple need to get into the business of making electric cars when it is going to be tougher than ever, and the company has no experience whatsoever of making and selling cars which is important considering the hurdles Tesla had to face for not being a conventional manufacturer. So, all this fog clouding Apple’s car design might be lifted in the coming years, but one look at the car would show that the company will eventually build it and take its internet of things to the next level.

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