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Lawsuit Claims That iOS 14 Battery Drain Bug Was Planned

Well, I was wondering when another Apple lawsuit was going to happen. So lo and behold, Apple has been hit with a lawsuit that claims that the recent software update that caused iPhone batteries to drain faster was all pre-planned. Sounds like something Apple would do considering that they have slowed down their phones before through software updates but that would have helped the battery.

The lawsuit claimed that the recent software updates “damaged iPhones by dramatically lowing processing speeds and battery life”. The lawsuit hit Apple with some heavy allegations claiming that allegedly all the battery drain and performance bugs were actually pre-planned. Maybe so that Apple could force people to buy new phones, people have been speculating that many other companies do this as well.

The complaint says that “Apple benefits from not having to tell existing and prospective iPhone users that updates touted to add desirable features and to fix security and other bugs have a significant countervailing downside in the form of decreased processing speed and battery life”.

The lawsuit also pushed on the point that Apple pushes updates near the launch of their new phones so that people are tempted to buy the new one. The lawsuit read that “degrading device performance ahead of product launches may also allow Apple to drum up demand for faster phones with longer battery life”.

It’s not new for old phones to stop running as they did when they were brand new. A regular smartphone and its components only have so much life before degradation kicks in. I’ve been using the same phone for 4 years so I certainly wouldn’t expect the battery to last as long as it did when I first bought it. Sigh, I need a new phone.

It’s unclear how the lawsuit will proceed but we’ll keep you updated. Maybe Apple will just patch the software problem and the lawsuit will go away.

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