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Lane Splitter Concept Car Can Transform Into Two Motorbikes

Lane Splitter Concept Car Transforms into Two Motorbikes

There are times when you wonder if you could simply split your car into two so that you and your companion can use the ride simultaneously for different purposes. Like they say, sky is the limit and well there is a conceptual car that can achieve exactly what we just mentioned. Lane Splitter is a car that can easily split into two motorcycles. The idea for this amazing car comes from Fast Company’s Mark Wilson who had help from Argodesign to come up with the renderings of the Lane Splitter.Lane Splitter Concept Car Transforms into Two Motorbikes 11

According to Wilson, the idea behind this car is to offer the social experience of a car while also featuring a personal urban transport vehicle that is sporty. It measures in at a length of 128 inches and resembles a buggy like vehicle. It has been inspired from Batman Tumbler and work by Syd Mead. It transforms into two motorbikes that are closed-top when it splits.

Argodesign wanted to avoid the boring ‘box’ look and wanted to achieve a flush fit between the two split sections. The team led by Chipp Walters opted for asymmetry. The motorbikes are curved on the exterior ends of the car while the joining sides have been kept flat.

The car sports hubless front wheels that allow for adaptability. The front tires split and separate slightly to impart stability and an improved longitudinal center of gravity when in bike mode. The front wheels of each bike will move back together to transform into car wheels when in car mode. Separate electric motors are used for providing power to the rear wheels. Turning radius is reduced along with mitigating the limited steering of the hubless axle located in front by making use of roll-axis longitudinal steering at front and rear.

A push of a button allows for the undocking and docking of the vehicle(s). The connectors are located at the front and rear of the docking side of the motorbike. The docking mechanism, autonomous, with a mini landing wheel is employed for stabilization and alignment of the vehicles during the process.

As expected of such amazing conceptual vehicles, there are going to be a number of hurdles that will have to be addressed before this vehicle can find its way into the market. Argodesign says, “Overall, cost as designed would seem prohibitive at this time. There would need to be more iteration on concept design along with a substantial engineering effort to realize the technology and promise of a vehicle which separates into two.”

Lane Splitter has been designed as part of Wilson’s Creative Director for a Day series and has been completed in time for the New York Auto Show.

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