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Lamborghini Has Unveiled 53 Luxury Villas Inspired By Its Supercars In Spain

Automobili Lamborghini and international real estate company Dar Global have joined forces to construct luxurious villas in the beautiful hills of Andalusia. This upcoming project, called Tierra Viva, will consist of 53 villas located in Costa de Sol, Spain. The design of these villas is inspired by Lamborghini’s famous super sports cars.

Companies like Aston Martin, Porsche, and Bentley have attached their names to grand and extravagant real estate projects that hold significant value which also tempted Lamborghini to do the same.

Bugatti also recently made headlines with its opulent 42-story tower in Dubai, where the super-rich can drive directly to their doors. Porsche had previously introduced a luxury high-rise in Miami that allowed owners to drive into their living rooms. These examples demonstrate the lavishness of these architectural wonders.

However, Lamborghini is taking a different approach with its project in Spain. Instead of focusing on vertical structures, they are providing spacious villas with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The site is located on a hillside near the village of Behanavis, just a short 15-minute drive from the city of Marbella, which offers a marina, golf clubs, and a beach

Although the villas are inspired by Lamborghini’s iconic designs, they will not directly resemble the supercars. Instead, they will subtly incorporate elements of Lamborghini’s distinctive style.

Renderings of the villas reveal a minimalist design and strategic placement at different elevations to ensure unobstructed sea views for the owners.

Interested buyers can choose from three villa categories: Diamante, Zafiro, and Esmeralda. The Diamante villas span four levels and offer six bedrooms. Zafiro villas also have four levels and feature five bedrooms, while the Esmeralda villas have four bedrooms.

Each individual villa has its own private pool, floor-to-ceiling windows for ample natural light, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The inside of the villa has marble floors, leather and glass elements, and spacious open areas that reflect the luxurious living associated with Lamborghini.

These villas aren’t for normal ordinary daily life living and Lamborghini owners have chosen not to disclose the price for these properties.

But they are quite optimistic that this venture will achieve a successful sell out quite similar to their project in Dubai.

The estimated cost of this project, which is expected to be completed by 2027 is $310 million.

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