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Jony Ive – The Designer Behind Famous Apple Gadgets Is Leaving Apple

Jony Ive is leaving Apple after an epic journey of 27 years and starting a new firm called LoveFrom. We cannot stress enough about the importance of Jony Ive at Apple. In fact, Steve Jobs once said, ‘He has more operational power than anyone else at Apple except me.’ Ive began his career at Apple in 1992 when the company was considered to be at the edge of ceasing to exist.

During the course of next few years, Jony Ive contributed his design expertise to Apple products including the Newton. The Newton didn’t really make it in the market and Ive almost on various occasions. However, it was when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 and took over as the CEO that Ive was able to shine bright like a diamond and emerged as a major creative force in bringing Apple to its current glory.

The very first big project that Jony Ive worked on along with Jobs was the original and candy-colored iMac that was launched in 1998. The success of iMac is what helped Apple become a major innovative force in the PC market. It was this success that helped Apple launch MacBook, the iPod, and the iPhone – Jony Ive is the person who designed them all.

He seems to be ready for trying something new although it should be noted that his new firm, LoveFrom, will continue working with Apple. We decided to cover all of the products that have been designed by the ingenious Jony Ive. The very first design by Ive for Apple was that of MessagePad 110 which part of the Newton line of pioneering personal digital assistants. The devices never enjoyed success in terms of sales.

The first successful design by Ive was the candy-colored iMac that was distinct from anything else in the market in 1988. The design was criticized for not featuring a floppy drive which eventually became a defining trait for Apple; discarding a feature that was considered standard by everyone else and looking like a visionary.

Enter 1999, and the iMac design also helped bring in the iBook family. The laptops looked funky and were replaced by MacBook soon enough. Another Ive design was the Power Mac G4 Cube. Although it didn’t go on to become a sales sensation, it did reinforce Apple’s reputation of creating computers that looked good.

The original iPod was also designed by Jony Ive. Coming to 2007, it was Ive who designed the iPhone and defined the standard for smartphones. He went on to design the iPad that was unveiled in 2010. Ive has also helped with the design of Apple’s accessories, including Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil was launched in 2015 as an accessory to the iPad Pro.

The Apple Watch launched in 2015 was also designed by Jony Ive and even contributed towards Apple’s new headquarter and campus. He never stopped working on Apple’s laptops though, and it was he who created MacBook Air.