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Jins Meme Smart Glasses Can Keep A Tab On How Tired You Are

Smart glasses like Google glass have become famous with their ability to provide virtual information related to whatever you look at. However, as is always with Japan, here comes another cool invention by eye-wear manufacturer Jins. The company has made smart glasses that can provide information about the user wearing it. The smart glasses are capable of tracking eye movement and can determine when the fatigue level starts to rise. They also provide useful information to allow the user to manage their workload more efficiently.
Jins Meme Smart Glasses Will Monitor Fatigue Level of User 2

The company aimed to create a device that is similar to conventional spectacles and therefore, allows for mass adoption by consumers. It has been named Jins Meme and uses 3 electrooculography (EOG) sensors for the measurement of eye movement and blinking by keeping track of retina position in reference with the sensors. The sensors are located at the base of the frame, above the nose and the nose pads. Apart from the sensors, the glasses come with 6-axis accelerometers that have been integrated into the arms’ end and shall allow for the monitoring of walking behavior and body’s axis.

The collected data is then sent to the paired iOS or Android smartphone app that allows users to note the fatigue levels of user thus allowing them to know when they should take a break from work. The app can also tell the user how many steps they have walked, number of calories that have been burned and also provide feedback on the user’s posture. Jins also has some other ambitious plans: games where the eyes would work as the controller, apps to measure the interest level and exercises to train focus while also coming up with tools that will allow to tackle diseases related to neurodegeneration.

The release date or price has yet not been revealed. However, the company has stated that it has plans of releasing the product in US market in 2015. The technology will also be showcased at CES in January 2015.

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