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iOS 12 Beta Users Facing A Weird Bug In Their iPhones

ios 12 bug

Users of iPhone’s iOS 12 Beta are stuck with a constant pop up reminding them to upgrade to the latest version of iOS 12. The pop up says: “A new iOS update is available. Please update from iOS 12 Beta.”

The problem is that when further navigated to the update section, there is no update available. This pop up started bugging on 27th of August, but recently it became more and more frequent.  Now every time you unlock your iPhone device, a pop up is waiting for you. This annoying pop up cannot be disabled and has to be closed manually every time.

Some miscalculations in the date and time of expiry of iOS are the reason for these pop-ups. The Beta programs are tested before release even then there is a high chance of such errors. Apple has to be quick in releasing an update for the users to get rid of this annoyance.

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