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Inventor Designs Wingboard that Can Be Ridden Like Silver Surfer’s Board In Air


Have you ever been on a jet ski? Even though many of us haven’t experienced a jet ski ride, we know that the person behind the steering is never EVER sad. That is the sheer thrill of the ride. Now imagine the jet ski tied at the back of a plane instead of a boat and soaring through the endless sky. Yes, that’s what we are talking about here as windsurfing behind a plane is now a reality with this latest design. Now you will be able to zoom across the skies just like the silver surfer, but with a small cable in front of you!

Aaron Wypyszynkski, the impossibly polish-named engineer, is behind the design of this board and has made a company WYP Aviation to introduce it to the market. The riders would be able to control their movement through the air by shifting their weight from one side to another. Just like a snowboard but way cooler moves are expected. 

The towing with the help of aircraft is a realistic idea that can be transformed into reality with relatively little tweaks in the design. Although hoverboards and jetpacks are on the horizon, they too can eventually be integrated into the design with ease. However, for the time being, this proposition is not bad as it will give the same amazing feeling. The ideator of this board has named it the WingBoard. He calls Aviation his passion and he has worked tirelessly on his project to make it a success.

A flight test engineer by profession, Aaron has developed his product while working on his grueling job, and he aims to bring his future dreams of aviation true. He was inspired to make a board like this by a brown bear cub and his flying board in the famous Talespin animated series. I am sure many of you would remember these series and they were even dubbed in many languages due to the sheer popularity.


He has already carried out examinations of a scale model and has tested it for aerodynamic capability. Aaron is now building the first prototype with the ability to bear an actual human being. He is looking for investors to invest about $275,000 to realize this project. He has made some thrilling videos to promote his potential product and attract investors from across the globe.


Wingboard can be used to perform advanced stunts like barrel rolls and inverted turns. Wypyszynkski even believes that his product can eventually be turned into a popular sport. To get back safely to the ground, the WingBoard would detach from the plane and deploy a parachute to make the landing as smooth as possible. A separate parachute would also see the board reach back to the Earth. The design is very thorough, and I believe it can be made into reality. What if the sport is introduced in the Olympics games?

Who else got goosebumps over this fantastic gliding machine? Hope to see it soon in the air Mr. Aaron Wypyszynkski!