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Intel Unveils A USB Stick That Is A Complete Windows 8.1 PC

How would you feel if you had a PC available on a stick that you could simply stick into a display device and get to work? Sure, the idea is old and a number of companies, not so renowned though, have come up with PC-on-a-stick devices in the previous years. However, most of these sported ARM processors and the companies, as mentioned, were unknown. So what is different about this one? The Intel Compute Stick that features an Atom Bay Trail processor has been created by Intel.

The gadget measures in 4 inches and is basically just a dongle that is capable of transforming all (almost) HDMI display into a computer. The dongle is powered by a quad-core Atom processor and features a USB port, mini-USB port, Wi-Fi, MicroSD slot and Bluetooth 4.0.

Intel recognizes that the gadget is welcomed by consumers and businesses alike. Consumers will be using it as a media streaming, social networking device and web browsing gadget. Businesses will be using it as a thin client with plug and play capabilities and remote desktop. Although, the dongle won’t be able to replace your primary computer neither does it aim to, however, it will make handling everyday tasks quite easy on the go.

Two versions have been announced with one featuring Windows 8.1 (pre-installed) and 32 GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM. The second version will come with Ubuntu OS and will offer 8 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM. Both versions are slated for release in March costing $149 and $89 respectively. Watch the video below for more!