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Instant Growth Of Popularity On Youtube: Is It Possible?

As youtube remains a wildly popular platform for growth, the competition in every niche becomes more tense, especially for newcomers. By now it is not enough to do some decent content. The one who wants to reach success on YouTube has to think hard about the strategy for growth. Yet again because of the competition level, the speed of growth is the key to outrun everyone else. Thus, appears a question – is it possible to speed up your progress on the platform at all? And if so, how do you make the youtube crowd want to watch your video more than any other for a cheap price and small time? What is the secret of becoming popular on this network in current conditions given? 

It may seem hard, but it is possible. With some hacks to use, for sure. And luckily for you, this article offers those hacks on a silver plate here! Let’s find out how people are reaching their goals on YouTube now!


With the continuous rise of the competition, inventing something truly unique is a hard task indeed. But even though every popular niche seems to be occupied with a big crowd, do not despair! Your goal is not to come up with something completely different, but to show an unusual and interesting gaze at the things that already exist! That one is easier to fulfill, huh? So, this matter still requires creativity, but at least you will have a direction for developing your channel. 


The quality of the content that you post is vital for fast progress on YouTube. Whatever topic you decide to make your prominent one, you must be accurate and attentive to details. To reach success on YouTube, any video has to be informative, or entertaining, or both at once. These characteristics are the reason YouTube is so popular. 

To understand what kind of fun and knowledge the audience wants to see, look through the Trending board on YouTube. It will be the most actual list of genres and ideas that make your channel go bananas with the speed of growth. Also, don’t forget to check out your industry competitors. Find out what their audience digs, and what is not preferred, and simply avoid the less popular content types in your blog.


So far, audience retention and watch time are the most important metrics on YouTube. Retention is a term that stands for the number of viewers who actually watched your video till it’s very end. The more viewers did it, the better is the result for you. YouTube algorithms are evaluating videos with high retention as the ones that are interesting to the general audience. Thus, it is easier to get your content to the Suggested and Trending sections on the platform. Therefore it is a fast growth for your channel – due to the endless variety of content, people often use these features because they cannot decide what they want to watch. 

So, how do you increase this metric in your favor? Here are a few tips:


As it comes from the previous paragraph, the length of your content is also important for growing your channel. By now we know that YouTube algorithms are sensitive to the watch time. Thus, we can consider that longer videos will increase this statistic and make your channel rated higher. 

Another reason why YouTube will appreciate your videos is that the longer the film, the more ads it can contain. And this is the priority for the platform. The appropriate length of the video by the latest trends is around 15-20 minutes. 


This small picture that appears as a cover of your video is playing a big part in your growth. This is the first thing visible to any user that found it online. So, you should put much effort into making this tiny image pop. 

Basically, this is like creating a poster for a movie. It has to reveal what is the plot about, but still keep the climax of it a secret. Well, take some inspiration from the most successful movie posters. Here are the main tips that are helpful when you create your thumbnails:


This feature may be secondary to the previous ones, yet it is important for your progress. Active authors are gaining audience faster. Why, you may ask? Because this is what makes YouTube a social platform – communication. Your viewers can connect with you not only through your videos directly, but with the help of comments and likes as well. And if you are open for talk, sincere, and friendly – your audience will repay you with your fast-growing rating. 

The key to get more engagement is reaching out to your viewers and get the reaction through likes, subscriptions, and comments. And these are the tips you should use if you want to improve your engagement:


Another thing that you need for your successful growth is the constant analysis of the environment within your channel. Firstly you should consistently refresh your knowledge about the hottest trends in your niche. This will help you to keep your content updated and interesting to your viewers. 

Then, always check what are your main competitors doing. It is useful to collect some experience, both positive and negative. You will be able to improve your performance and avoid typical mistakes. 

And after all, listen to your audience. Always try to understand what is interesting and intriguing to your viewers, what they don’t like, and ask them what they would want to see. 


The main principle of fast growth on YouTube is your constant presence online. You need to put much effort into building your public image and work hard on your content. Everything has to maintain superior quality to attract and retain viewers on your channel. Also, you must be attentive to your statistics, especially to the watch time and retention. Being aware of the slightest changes in your rates will give you an opportunity to adjust your tactic according to the results you get. 

Don’t be afraid to ask what your viewers want to see from you. Being trendy and sufficient to their needs will drive the interest of occasional users to your channel too. 

As it seems, quick progress is quite possible on YouTube, don’t you think?

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