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Inspecting Power Lines On A Flying Helicopter Might Be The Most Hazardous Job Ever

High Voltage Power Line Inspection

If you are unhappy with your job and think of it as an arduous task, you need to watch this video. The power lines inspector is probably the most dangerous line of work that there is, but not because of the reason you think. The inspector risks his life as he rides on the outside of a helicopter on his way to inspect high-voltage power cables.



We are quite sure that the job description for this post will have “Nerves of Steel” listed under the set of requisite skills. The technician dons a customised uniform woven from 75% Nomex, a fire-repellant, and 25% stainless steel fibre. This suit effectively puts the power lines inspector inside a Faraday’s cage.  Even then, a slight mistake can result in instant death, so great caution is required.

Next time you suffer from the Monday blues, remind yourself of this video and thank Heavens for your pleasant job.