Wonderful Engineering

Innovative New Pinclip Design Lets You Pin Photos Without Imparting A Hole

Ever wondered how you can pin up your photographs without imparting a hole in them? If you have, then here’s the solution and mind you, it is quite an ingenious one. A Japanese designer by the name of Yasunori Nagatsuka came with a combination of thumbtack and paperclip for this purpose and it has been named as Pinclip.

Both the items can be found lying at office and home but it is only now that someone decided to merge them and come up with something that makes use of both to serve a new purpose.

Although the individual items can be found at a cheap price, Pinclip comes with a price tag of $6 that will get you 3 units of these. However, if you are smart enough you can probably make it at your own home too!